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V-Taq 2X qPCR Master Mix (Probe) 400µl (50 reactions)

V-Taq 2X qPCR Master Mix (Probe) 400µl (50 reactions)

SKU: qPCR-50


Virostem™ V-Taq 2X qPCR Master Mix is specially formulated for high-efficiency and fast quantitative-PCR (qPCR) reactions. Our proprietary master mix contains Taq polymerase enzyme, enhancer and stabilizer proteins, as well as other additives for highly specific and robust amplification of genomic DNA, plasmids, PCR products and cDNA.



V-Taq 2X qPCR Master Mix is compatible with DNA samples isolated with standard column or precipitation-based genomic DNA purification kits, cDNA kits and rapid nucleic acid extraction buffers such as VTMs/VNATs.

For rapid nucleic acid extractions, we recommend using our specially formulated, nanodrop compatible Virolyse™ Cell Lysis Buffer (VLB-01), which is directly compatible with all Virostem PCR Master Mix products and can be used for rapid extraction of DNA, RNA and proteins directly from cells, saliva, nasal and nasopharyngeal samples in 10 minutes at room temperature and allows rapid cell to Ct detection of DNA and RNA.



Our concentrated 2X formulation is highly flexible and provides 7.5µl of additional volume (in 15µl reactions) which can be used by the end-user for addition of primers, template and PCR dyes such as SYBR® and EvaGreen® or probes. Our unique buffer composition also enables highly specific amplifications without the need for extensive MgCl2 optimization.

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